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Fire Training London provides a range of fire safety consultancy services for companies and organisations throughout the capital. Fire consultancy services include:

PAS 79 fire risk assessments

Our fire risk assessors produce fire risk assessments to a fire service nationally recognised standard. We guarantee that our fire risk assessments will meet London Fire Brigade workplace fire safety officers "suitable and sufficient" criteria (subject to any recommended review dates specified). We offer a money back guarantee if our assessments do not meet this important criteria.

Fire emergency plans and fire evacuation procedures

All orgnaisations must have fire emergency plans and fire evacuation procedures. This wll be unique to the building and such procedures may need to be different for various times of the day or because of any porganisation commitment. Our fire consultancy professional are able to produce fire emergency plans and fre evacuation procedures that will be tailored to your premises and its unique circumstances.

Competent person support

From time to time, many responsible persons will face a fire safety issue that is outside thier expertise or comfort zone. We will be able to guide you through any statutory obligations that you need to meet or even provide a framework and suggestions for any fire safety improvements that you may require. We will also endeavour to provide cost effective solutions and will work closely with you to ensure you meet your plans within budget.

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