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Next fire marshal training London programmes
 15th November a.m. & 12th December a.m. 2018

Course times - 10.00 - 13.00 

£75+vat person  (includes practical fire extinguisher session) 

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Fire Training London are one of the Capital's leading providers of open fire warden training programmes. Fire warden courses in London are held at our training venues or  as in house fire warden training London sessions at clients workplaces. Our fire warden course London programme is based on fire safety information provided in Department of Communities and Local Government fire safety workplace guidance, from published Fire Service advice and guidance notes, and from nationally recognised British Standard recommendations.

In house and on-site fire warden courses London can be specificall tailored to include essential fire safety information such as your organisations fire evacuation plans and fire emergency plan documents. Our fire training teams can also review your fire safety procedures and offer sensible and practical working solutions that are easily understood by all fire wardens and staff in your workplace. Your in house fire warden course London programme can also include a monitored fire drill, fire safety tour of the premises highighting built in fire safety features and equipment and tailored hazard spotting sessions.

Fire warden courses London syllabus ( London open course programme)

  • Introduction to fire safety in workplaces.
  • An overview of requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005.
  • Types and classes of fire (British Standard classification of fires).
  • Types of fire extinguisher in the workplace (including jets / sprays and specialist fire extinguishers).
  • Maintenance and checking requirements / siting of fire extinguishers.
  • Maintenance and checking of fire alarms, emergency lighting, service risers, fire doors and fire exits.
  • First aid fire fighting / safe use of fire extinguishers in the workplace.
  • Fire extinguisher dvd presentation or fire extinguisher practical hands on exercise.
  • Daily duties of fire wardens in the workplace (recommendations and requirements).
  • Hazard spotting and safety checks of workspaces.
  • Safe and effective fire drills.
  • Monitored fire drills (optional for in house fire warden courses only).
  • Assisting the responsible person (basic fire training, hazard spotting, typical risks).
  • Emergency duties of fire wardens.
  • Contents of organisational fire emergency plans.
  • Fire evacuation strategies and fire alarm systems (basic intro).
  • Roll calls, physical checks and accounting methods.
  • How to search areas safely.
  • Identifying where a fire is in a building.
  • Evacuating disabled persons from workplaces or similiar premises (including delayed, progressive horizontal and full evacuation requirements).
  • Generic and personal emergency evacuation plans for disabled staff / visitors.
  • Instruction on evacuation chair use (in house courses only - subject to model and type of chair).
  • Assembly points or evacuate to disperse?
  • General evacuation principles and safety issues.
  • Review Fire Service national audit standards to help premises fulfil pass criteria (Tailored courses only).
Our fire training teams can adapt fire warden courses to suit your buildings fire emergency plan, fire evacuation plan and specific organisational needs. One of our clients who have recently relocated, asked us to provide fire training for existing and new fire wardens, detailing new evacuation plans and procedures. We were also asked to follow up with 4 x 30 minute programmes to general staff to cover the new building evacuation procedures. Our clients will follow up with more detailed programmes as part of an organisational review of all health and safety issues. We aim to offer a bespoke training and fire safety solution for those requiring our services.


Fire warden courses in London


Half day open fire warden course in London - £75 + VAT per person.

(Fee includes certificate of attendance, access to online fire warden training handbook).


Half day in house fire warden training London – Cost from £345 + VAT.

Half day in house fire warden training in London with a practical fire extinguisher sessions - Cost from £645 + VAT.

(Certificates are issued for up to 20 delegates. Additional certificates £1.25 + VAT or a general fire warden training certificate can be issued to the organisation).

Full day in house fire warden training in London - Call for our fees and charges.

We provide two new fire warden courses / fire marshal training London programme dates every month. Our open fire warden courses in London are half day courses and can be either morning. Remember all of our open fire warden courses in London include a practical fire extinguisher session using fire extinguishers on our practice rig. We are able to simulate Class A and electrical fires which provides an opportunity  for your staff to tackle small fires in safe training conditions.

We provide discounts for organisations sending 6 or more attendees on any course. Call our team for more details or how you can reserve an off-site session exclusively for your team members and staff.


(Certificates are issued for up to 20 delegates.

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Fire warden training London 

Frequently asked questions

Fire marshal training London

Recent questions to our fire consultants

How long does the fire warden course last?

Our open fire warden course in London is a three hour programme. The course is broken into five parts: An introduction including legislation; fire extinguisher theory; fire extinguisher practical session; fire wardens daily duties / maintenance checks and emergency procedures session.

Our in house fire warden training in London can be adpapted to suit an organisations specific needs. It usually takes three hours but we can make some changes to shorten the session if necessary.

We can provide two types of fire training for an organisation oon the same day. We recently carried out a fire marshal course for office staff and then another programme for the organisation private hospitals.

When is your next fire warden course in London?

We advertise our fire warden courses in London on our website, our blogs, Google + and Wordpress and Google adwords. Save us as a favourite or call us to be placed on our regular mailing list. We will only send your one message every 6 weeks to 2 months.


Open fire warden courses in London are for just £75 + VAT per person and this includes a fire extinguisher practical session. In house fire warden courses London are from £345 + VAT for non practical courses and from £545 + VAT for courses including fire extinguisher practical sessions.

Our fire warden courses in London do fill up quite quickly. You may be offered a morning or afternoon space depending on availability. If you prefer a morning course, you will need to book these early as these always fill up first!


All delegates on open courses will receive a certificates of attendance. Persons on in house fire warden training London programmes will receive a personal certificate provided there are 20 or less persons on the course. Above 20 persons we will issue a general fire warden training in London to the parent organisation. 

Do you provide fire warden training in London on Saturdays?

Yes. We do provide fire warden courses in London and fire risk assessments in London on Saturdays. We only provide in house fire warden training London programmes on these days as our open fire warden courses London venue is not available for use.Please note we do not provide practical fire extinguisher courses in London (or practical exercises on fire warden courses) on Saturdays.

We limit Saturday courses to one team, so provision of this service is limited. We advise, clients requiring Saturday training or fire risk assessments to book early to ensure they secure availability.

Our fees for Saturday training on the same as our regular prices. You may place as many persons on the courses as you wish.

We are also able to offer joint fire warden training London and fire risk assessments on Saturdays. We still offer a discount for this service on Saturdays!

How many fire marshals does our workplace require?


The number of fire wardens will be based on a number of issues. These will include: What type of workplace and what work is carried out in the premises, is there a high level of risk in the building, are the staff are employed on shift work or not, how many floors that you have in the building,how big is the building, the type of evacuation strategy and accounting procedure that is in place at all material times. Most professionals consider that you will require one fire warden for every one minute of search time in a building ( fire service booklet advice ). There should be deputy fire wardens in place in the event that there are no available fire wardens to implement any fire evacation procedures.


Many of our delegates come to our public training courses to learn more about the roles and duties of fire wardens, evacuation and accounting strategies that can be employed in a workplace. Our fire warden training courses provide full details of what you will need to ensure that your organisation meets its statutory requirements under the Fire Safety Order 2005

How frequently should fire wardens receive fire warden training?

The frequency of fire warden training / fire marshal courses in London will depend on a number of issues. It will depend on the level of risk and type of hazards in the premises, staff turnover, the type of building and workplace and the findings of the fire risk assessment.


The following examples are from companies who attend our fire warden training London programme:  Company A has just 30 employees and is based in a large five storey Georgian building. There are two means of escape and staff who are based in the building tend to work for the organisations for many years. Company B are a small retail group with a number of small / medium ground floor outlets (approx 15 staff in each outlet). There is a high turnover of staff (students etc). Company C are based on the top two floors of a large six storey building which has on going building development. There is a moderate turnover of staff.


There is a good case for regular fire warden training for each business. However as "A" have a small number of staff who are familiar with the building they may need less regular training particularly as the fire wardens have been in post for many years. Company B has 15 staff but they do not all work on the same shift, This means all should be available to help customers from the buildings. They need frequent fire warden training. Company C are working in a high risk building due to the mixed tenancy and building works. They should have frequent fire warden training.



Fire Training London provide open fire warden training London programmes and in house fire warden courses in London. For details on how we can help you meet your statutory obligations call our team now!

How often should employees and volunteers receive training in fire procedures?

The frequency of staff fire training will depend on the significant findings of the fire risk assessment of the premises and the organisations fire emergency plan. If the workplace is high risk or has a high turnover of employees, then fire safety training should be carried out frequently. Buildings that have low risk or where staff may have worked for some time / received regular fire training in the past could train less often. If you book your staff on one of our open fire warden training courses in London or an in house fire training course, we will happily advise them on the frequency of fire safety training and other essential fire safety requirements.


Fire wardens require more frequent fire training than regular staff. They will need to receive detailed information about the building fire evacuation strategy, how persons react during a fire evacuation, how to safely direct persons towards fire exits and places of safety, how to search rooms and areas safely, how to open doors (while searching) in the correct manner, how to provide assistance to persons that are less able and possibly additional fire extinguisher practical training.

Fire warden courses London

For further information about our fire warden courses London open programme or for in house fire warden training in London, call our information team and they will ensure a fire consultant will answer your questions. Alternatively look out for Google + pages, Blogger sites, Twitter feeds or other information sites

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